Who We Are 

We invite all of you everywhere, young and old, of any religion or non-believer, of all nations and all racial groups to enter into silence at least once a day, preferably at 9.00pm local time or when convenient. It is as simple as that.

There is no need for special prayer or words. Going into the inner silence has its own effects by raising the consciousness and bringing inner peace. But for those who would like to start with a prayer we suggest the Silent Minute prayer.

Source of my being,
Help me to live in peace,
And save my home the planet Earth.

Let us go into our inner sanctuary of stillness and peace frequently; especially in times of stress, confusion or difficult situations. It does not end there! 

We, the trustees of the Big Ben Silent Minute, give recognition to Dorothy for her devotion to world prayer. With your help, we will continue to expand awareness throughout the world for peace on earth.  

Please join us as ambassadors for world peace. Let us start today, to create a better world for ourselves and generations to come. 

"Remember to devote a minute of your time at 21.00 each day to prayer, for the healing of the differences between peoples of all nations and coming of world-wide peace."  
Wellesley Tudor Pole. 

The Silent Minute Prayer belongs to the universe - it belongs to you. We invite you to use it as often as you can. Please feel free to include it in your newsletters, newspapers, magazines, letter headings etc. at the beginning of meetings and gatherings, at home and abroad. All we ask is that you give recognition to the Silent Minute Charity for peace.