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The Silent Minute is a Registered Charity promoting a Prayer for Peace within the UK and internationally. We are run entirely by vounteers. All we ask is your gift or prayer for the world.

At this time of remembrance, let us acknowledge those who have passed away that were part of the Big Ben Silent Minute Prayer for Peace:

  • Dorothy H Forster (Reviver)
  • Mrs Lilian Carpenter
  • Baroness Edmee di Pauli
  • Cynthia Pilkington

It has become of great interest to many people how our prayer came into being and how the words were formulated.

In 1994 there was a gathering of Trustees at the home of Baroness Edmee di Pauli and everyone present contributed a word or several until the prayer took shape. The Trustees included of course Baroness Edmee di Pauli, Dorothy Forster (Reviver of the Silent Minute), Lillian Carpenter (the Dean of Westminster's wife), Cynthia Pilkington and Ivy Smith.

The Patrons at the time, Princess Helena of Moutifian, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Edward Tudor Pole and BK Dadi Janki, liked the sentiment of the prayer.

Source of my being

Help me to live in peace and

Save my home the planet Earth.

This prayer is said daily around the world by 218,085,525 people of all denominations.

There were many other gatherings promoting the prayer to bring greater awareness for peace. One such gathering was held at St James's Church, Picadilly, London. Tony Benn spoke at this event and greatly inspired those present. Tony Benn and Dorothy Forster presented a vast scroll to10 Downing Street. This scroll included the names of many people believing in the prayer for World Peace.

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Our quest is that you join our prayer and help us to make a difference in the world and to the lives of humanity.

Message from Dorothy Forster

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A Minute of Peace


Join us in the Silent Minute Prayer every day at 9.00pm or when convenient.

Source of my being,
Help me to live in peace,
And save my home the planet Earth

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